JMSA Douaneservice is at your service for a quick and correct handling of all your necessary customs formalities. As a specialist, we are the point of contact for you and for customs. We work with fast and efficient customs software and use an all-in-one platform for customs information. As a result, we have the most up-to-date customs tariffs and measures at our disposal.

JMSA Customs Service – Our field of expertise

JMSA Douaneservice is the partner when it comes to fast and careful, technical handling of all common import, export and transit documents concerning customs declarations for shipments to and from the EU.

JMSA Customs Service – Documents

Once you import or export goods, you will deal with customs. There is a lot to consider. We have the knowledge, the resources and the expertise to make the declaration process run smoothly. Then we need a number of documents and/ or information from you.


For the import of goods we need at least:

  • Authorisation on behalf of the importer
  • Full name, address and VAT/EORI details of the importer
  • Invoice and packing list of the goods
  • Container /car number
  • Number and type of packages
  • Gross weight
  • Net weight
  • Value of goods
  • BL/Previous document
  • Commodity code and full description of goods
  • Incoterm
  • Possibly number and type of license(s)
  • Location of the goods
  • ETA


For the export of goods we need at least:

  • Well readable export invoice and packing list
  • Full goods description and commodity code (HS code)
    Always split goods into their commodity code.
  • Container /car number
  • Name of ‘office of leave’ in the EU
  • Number and type of packages
  • Gross weight
  • Net weight
  • Time, date and full address of place of loading
  • Name of the ship and the shipping company (possibly booking number)
  • Mode of transport (car, rail, plane, boat)
  • Any licence number
  • Location of the goods
  • The exporter

Customs Transit Procedure

For transit procedures, we need at least:

  • Consignee’s full name, address and VAT/ EORI details
  • Full goods description and commodity number
  • Previous customs procedure
  • Place of the goods
  • Copy master Bill of Loading (B/L)
  • Identity guarantee (e.g. stamp number)
  • NCTS office of destination
  • Mode of transport (car, rail, plane, boat)
  • The last customs office in the EU (if applicable)
  • Office of transit
  • Office of exit

Always seal the means of transport if possible. This makes it easier to explain imperfections. For example, you unload part of your cargo in Germany and drive the remainder to Italy. Before arriving in Switzerland, the driver applies a seal. This can be removed again upon arrival in Italy.

We will process your declaration based on this information and you will receive a PDF from us as soon as possible with the correct document completed. If we need more information, we will contact you immediately.

JMSA Douaneservice – Requests inspections/FLEGT

JMSA Customs Service also offers the option to request inspections for products such as vegetables, fruit and FLEGT, or for the inspection of packaging wood for certain goods, from the relevant inspection authorities, such as NVWA and KCB. Do you want to know more? Contact us via the contact form or call us.

JMSA Customs Service – Fiscal representation

JMSA Douaneservice also offers the possibility to act as a Limited Fiscal Representative (LFR) for entrepreneurs established elsewhere in the EU. If you are a foreign entrepreneur established elsewhere in the EU, you can appoint JMSA Douaneservice as a LFR. This allows you as an importer to benefit from VAT and cash flow benefits. You do not pay VAT at the moment of the import, because it will be reverse-charged. In those cases, JMSA Douaneservice complies with the VAT obligations on your behalf. Want to know more? Contact us via the contact form or call us.

JMSA Customs Service – Who we are

JMSA Customs Service is a full-service customs agent where we are ready to take all the hassle out of customs documents. As your partner in export, import and transit, we are aware of the latest changes in EU customs legislation and regulations, so that you can rely on fast and proper handling of customs shipments under all circumstances.

JMSA Customs Service – Partners

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JMSA Customs Service – Contact

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